• "I have done business with Gere Hawley over several years and always found his work of high quality.  He has done painting to many other  building tasks-from remodeling an  1872 farmhouse (Scraping and painting years of exterior paint, to tearing down walls, etc.) to painting the trim on my present home.  Again, he has many handyman skills which he seems to do well."-Jude
  • "Gere was a Godsend. I trust him implicitly, for he is a man of integrity. He did a lot of painting for us, made a fence gate, installed a dining room light, a kitchen faucet, and much more." -AC
  • "I recommend Gere Hawley to help with any handyman needs.  I have worked directly with Gere at Paso Robles Vacation Rentals, where he was the maintenance manager.  He is super knowledgeable and gets the job done.  From small  paint jobs to medium to large builds, and everything in between, he had the experience to get the job done timely and correctly.  He is responsible, punctual and a quick worker.  Gere is easy to work with  and has a great attitude.  I could not be more pleased with Gere's skills and work ethic."- Susi
  • "I have known Gere Hawley for more than a decade and have used his many talents on several houses that I have owned. 
    Gere has provided complete demolition services, including a bathroom with a big cast iron tub that was very difficult to remove. 
    He also contributed to the remodeling of our bathrooms and did an excellent job! 
    Gere painted the exterior of two houses, from all the trim on one to the entire house on the other. Both were done in a neat, timely, and professional manor. He also painted several rooms inside my homes, caring to place drop clothes down and cleaned up afterwards. Again, these jobs were competed on time and within budget. 
    Gere is intelligent, polite, conscientious, detail oriented, efficient and talented. I would recommend him for taking on any task. "
  • "Gere has a great "can do" attitude and has helped me with many projects around the house.  Blinds and picture hanging are hard for me these days and he has been very helpful to get those up- makes a huge difference.  He also recently installed a wonderful solar light on my chicken coop door so my girls can be sure to be in safe by sundown.  In addition he also repaired the roof on the coop and did a much needed fence post and patch in the back corner.I have found he really can fix almost anything!! Would highly recommend not only his skill but his calm and capable character and willingness to work with the customer to get the job done." ~I.H
  • "Gere is my "go to" painter. He has done several jobs for me both inside and outside. Always high quality, reasonable and fast. Last year he painted the outside of my home and the year before the inside of my restaurant. 5 stars. "JH